SKP83/DCP83 is a powerful terminal based on the widely preferred ARM7 CPU architecture and includes a contactless card reader. The rich peripheral unit allows you to develop a useful interface. It complies with EMV level 1. Thanks to this feature, it is easily applied in many applications where contactless smart cards are used.
SKP83 / DCP83 can be configured as driver control unit or on-vehicle unit. The driver can see the boarding fare charged, the number of boarding passes, boarding type and other messages on the screen. At the same time, the SKP83 / DCP83 can also be used for driver authorization, line selection and tariff selection. Equipped with a wide variety of communication channels, the SKP83 / DCP83 can easily communicate with devices such as a validator or GPS receiver according to project requirements.

•    With contactless card and/or pin code, driver authorization and line initiation,
•    End-of-day or shift report,
•    Stopping validators in case of ticket check or service
•    Manual tariff change if necessary
•    Receiving reports on sales and transactions
•    The dashboard screen for the current status of the system (validator, WAN, LAN, GPS ...)
•    The warning of the driver for the disabled passenger,
•    Tracking the vehicle's geographical location and route,
•    Warning messages in case of deviation from the route,
•    Giving system errors and error messages as a warning,
•    Warning messages for suspicious transactions in the Validator,
•    Providing two-way (video/audio) communication with the control center,
•    Announcing voicemail via microphone input
•    Automatic announcement of the next station name,
•    Playing advertising and video content and making social announcements via HDMI (if in-vehicle monitor)
•    Displaying vehicle cameras connected to DVR